How to Connect, Factory Reset & Charge QCY-T13 earbuds

In the era of wireless technology, convenience is critical, especially regarding our audio devices. Among the plethora of wireless earbuds available, the QCY-T13 ANC stands out for its seamless connectivity, ease of use, and reliable performance. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a casual user, mastering the connection process, understanding factory reset procedures, and optimising charging habits can enhance your overall experience with these earbuds. This guide delves into the intricacies of connecting the QCY-T13 ANC earbuds, switching connections between devices, performing a factory reset, and optimising charging techniques.

How to Connect

Prepare the Earbuds: Pick them up and place them back into the charging case. Ensure the case lid is securely closed to activate them.

Power On the Earbuds: Open the charging case lid and retrieve the earbuds. They will automatically power on once removed from the case.

Connect to Your Device: On your smartphone or preferred device, navigate to the Bluetooth settings and search for “QCY-T13 ANC.” Once located, tap to initiate the connection process.

How to Switch Connection Between Two Devices

Prepare for Switching: Place the earbuds back into the charging case to switch connections between two devices.

Enter Pairing Mode: With the lid of the charging case open, press and hold the button on the case for 3 seconds or until the LEDs on the earbuds begin blinking white.

Initiate Connection: Retrieve the earbuds from the case. On the device you wish to connect to, search for “QCY-T13 ANC” in the Bluetooth settings and tap to establish the connection.


The QCY-T13 ANC earbuds do not support simultaneous connections between two phones. They will automatically reconnect to the last paired device in the connectivity record.

Factory Reset

A factory reset on your QCY-T13 ANC earbuds can be necessary to resolve connectivity issues or restore them to their original settings.

Reset Procedure: Place the earbuds back into the charging case. With the lid open, press and hold the button on the case for 10 seconds. The LEDs on the earbuds will blink red five times, indicating the reset process.

Pairing After Reset: After the factory reset, the earbuds will automatically pair with each other and become discoverable to your device when removed from the case.

Tips on Charging

Efficient charging practices can prolong the lifespan and optimise the performance of both the earbuds and the charging case.

Earbud Charging – When charging the earbuds, observe the LED indicator. A solid red light indicates charging is in progress, while a white light for 30 seconds shows the earbuds are fully charged.

Charging Case – Similarly, monitor the LED indicator on the charging case. A solid red light indicates the case is charging, while a solid white light indicates it is fully charged.

Adhering to these charging practices ensures that your QCY-T13 ANC earbuds are always ready for use, with optimal battery performance.

In conclusion, mastering the connection process, performing a factory reset when necessary, and adopting efficient charging habits are essential for maximising the functionality and longevity of your QCY-T13 ANC earbuds. With these guidelines, you can seamlessly integrate these wireless earbuds into your daily routine, enjoying uninterrupted audio experiences whenever and wherever you go.

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