Video Game Sticks 4K M8 Console – Controllers


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Immerse yourself in nostalgia with the Video Game Sticks 4K M8 Console. This gaming console, certified with CE, brings back the joy of classic gaming with 10000 retro games, including titles from PS1 and GBA. The 64GB storage ensures you have ample space for your gaming library. The package includes double wireless controllers for an enhanced gaming experience. Perfect for dropshipping, this console from Mainland China delivers a compact, all-in-one gaming solution with a rich collection of timeless games.

Key Features:

  • 4K M8 Console with 10000 retro games
  • Double wireless controllers for convenience
  • 64GB storage for an extensive gaming library
  • Certified with CE for quality assurance
  • Compatible with PS1 and GBA titles
  • Ideal for dropshipping


Brand NameOther
OriginMainland China
Compatible Brand/ModelNone

WHITE, black


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